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LifeLiftingChurch.com is the media arm of Victory International, and we’re dedicated to bringing you a constant stream of new media to help equip, encourage and empower you as you follow Christ!

On this site you’ll soon find a plethora of Christian video and audio files. You’ll find weekly church sermons, special events like nights of worship, outreach activities, in house plays and productions and much much more.

If you have a suggestion, a testimony or just want to say “hello”, please feel free to contact us here!

About Pastor Iain & Pastor Tina MacDonald

Pastor Iain MacDonald
God has called Pastor Iain to an Apostolic Ministry where each person comes to know the personal mandate and significance of their life in God’s divine plan for His Kingdom here on Earth.  His heart is to see each Christian grow into the fullness of their leadership gifting as God propels them into positions of great influence, both at home and throughout the world.  His life is devoted to building an environment that produces Christians who are fit for the Master’s use, leaving none behind.  While at times challenging, Pastor Iain’s messages are firmly scriptural as he looks through, with a confident expectation, to the manifestation of the LORD’s Triumphant Church.

Pastor Tina MacDonald
While gifted by God in the Prophetic Ministry, Pastor Tina’s heart yearns for each Christian to come to know and experience the fullness of God’s purpose for their life.  Her life’s example provokes each of us with a passion for the things of God, as we search out and find the will of God for our lives through the power of prayer.  Her desire is that each of our lives would be a witness to others of the goodness of our God.  Pastor Tina’s ministry demonstrates an intense personal relationship with God as she instructs us in Prayer and Intercession, Holiness, Righteous Living, and a Personal and Life-long Commitment to the Kingdom of God.  While God uses her strong teaching gift, it is common for her to minister out of a Holy Spirit inspired prophetic flow.