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What Is Truth – 1a

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April 1, 2010 | Pastor Iain MacDonald Thursday Evening Service

Grace In Us – 3a

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September 18, 2011 | Pastor Iain MacDonald Sunday Morning Service

The Spirit Of Caleb – 13

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October 21, 2011 | Prophetesses Cathy Suggs

Worship – April 30, 2015

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Worship at Victory Christian Centre on April 30, 2015

The Wounded Heart

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Sunday June 21, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald On this special Father's Day, Pastor Iain MacDonald talks about the wounds of the father and how they play a role in our lives until we learn how to change our perceptio...

The Greatest Story Never Told – 1

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Sunday August 9, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald "Christianity starts with selflessness, it doesn't end with it." In this powerful message, Pastor Iain MacDonald teaches how you must deal with self for your Christiani...

Autumn Awakening – 4 (2015)

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Saturday October 3, 2015 (PM) | John Mitchell

Worship – November 22, 2015

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Worship at Victory Christian Centre on November 22, 2015

You Matter

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Sunday January 31, 2016 | Pastor Iain MacDonald "You matter, you bring something to the table that I don't possess." Pastor Iain encourages us that we all have something to give, and it starts by being faithful wit...

Apostolic Ministry Is Family

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Sunday April 3, 2016 | Pastor Iain MacDonald What is Apostolic ministry? Pastor Iain teaches us what apostolic ministry is all about, showing us that the real revelation of the New Testament is that its all about f...

The Business Of Overcoming Adversity

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Sunday May 22, 2016 | MacDonald Panel The MacDonald's minister together as a family, equipping and empowering us with keys on how to stay strong in following God's plan for our lives.

The Confession Curve – 1

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Wednesday August 3, 2016 | Pastor Iain MacDonald If you're looking to live a life of faith, then this teaching will build your faith as Pastor Iain breaks down the cycle of faith in a practical way.

The Principle Of Honor

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Sunday October 2, 2016 | Dr. Mark Kauffman In this service, guest speaker Apostle Mark Kauffman joins us, teaching us about the principles of honor and what that looks like in our lives.

Worship – November 13, 2016

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Worship at Victory Church Fort Erie on November 13, 2016

Fasting & Prayer

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Wednesday February 22, 2016 | Pastor Tina MacDonald As we continue our week of fasting and prayer, Pastor Tina prays and teaches foundational keys of living a fasted lifestyle in Christianity.