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Abundant Life

Download Abundant Life (29 Parts | 382 Mb)

When the rich young ruler came to Jesus and asked Him how to have eternal life, Jesus’ answer was surprising. Discover the real meaning of Jesus’ answer. Abundant Life has already been given to each of us as Christians, but sadly many never experience it. This series will bring understanding to the secrets of living life like Jesus lived, full of the power of God without carrying any of the weight. You too can live this way, so get ready to release all your troubles, and live the “God Kind of Life”!


Aggressive Thinking

Download Aggressive Thinking (37 Parts | 811 Mb)

God has given each of us the ability to do the impossible, and Jesus spent a significant part of His teaching ministry instructing us on how to use this power. This series contains an in depth study of the New Testament principles that empower us to live as Jesus expected we would; doing the impossible. The world is waiting for a church that can deliver on its promises. This series will equip the listener with the understanding needed to live in the manifested power of God each and every day of their life. If you could do the impossible, what would you do?


Bible Meditation

Download Bible Meditation (14 Parts | 202 Mb)

“This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” (Joshua 1:8 ) Learning to meditate on God’s Word is critical in developing our faith and living a victorious life! In this series we learn what it means to properly meditate and see the manifestation of God’s power in our lives!


Blood Covenant

Download Blood Covenant (25 Parts | 362 Mb)

Since the fall of man, God has been trying to show us how great His love for us is. The blood covenant is the greatest expression of commitment one person has for another that we are able to understand here on Earth. God used this to demonstrate His commitment to us. What does this mean about our relationship with Him, and how does that affect the way we live our lives here. For every person desiring to live with the fullness of God in their lives, this series will reveal how Blood Covenants work and what blessings God is ready to pour upon anyone who embraces their true relationship with God.

Business School

Download Business School (1 Parts | 16 Mb)

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Download Character (9 Parts | 267 Mb)

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Download Connect (44 Parts | 793 Mb)

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Download Contentment (31 Parts | 519 Mb)

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Daughters Of Destiny

Download Daughters Of Destiny (24 Parts | 507 Mb)

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Designed For Greatness

Download Designed For Greatness (40 Parts | 713 Mb)

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Encountering The Love Of God Conference

Download Encountering The Love Of God Conference (4 Parts | 369 Mb)

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Fear Of The Lord

Download Fear Of The Lord (35 Parts | 564 Mb)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom and knowledge but for most of us, we do not know what it means to Fear God! We see this in ourselves when the things God says to us do not change what we think or who we are. God is not a man, and is not limited by human attributes but when we do not know the Nature of God we assign to Him our nature and limitations. This series explores the Nature of God and how His nature ignites a deep Reverence for Him in our hearts. Now, when God speaks to us, it instantly produces mountain moving Faith within us, empowering us to overcome any obstacle in our own lives and the lives of others


Gospel Of The Kingdom

Download Gospel Of The Kingdom (35 Parts | 515 Mb)

Jesus’ teaching ministry was completely focused on helping us understand how God’s Kingdom operates. The Bible calls His primary message “The Gospel of the Kingdom” and this message is the cornerstone to the Christian Faith. Jesus said we would be unable to understand Him or His teachings unless we first understand His message. Jesus was explaining the process of changing what we believe. He knew we were trapped in darkness and sin until we learn how to change what we believe, that all natural effort was useless to change our lives. This series will help you discover how to take control of your life and step into the Powerful Kingdom Living required to reach your destiny.


Grace & Truth 1

Download Grace & Truth 1 (35 Parts | 573 Mb)
Download Grace & Truth 2 (33 Parts | 592 Mb)

One of the few descriptions of Jesus in the Scripture tells us that He was full of Grace and Truth. A balance of these two seemingly contradictory principles are key to the sweat-less transformation evidenced in the Bible. Truth without Grace produces legalism, and Grace without Truth produces lawlessness, both are traps we are warned to avoid. This series will help you discover the foundational principles of Grace and Truth that lead us to a life transformed into the full stature of the perfect man, Jesus. It’s a practical series that breaks down the often confusing
references to Grace and Truth and empowers the listener to apply them to their lives. God is not trying to add a few bits to our lives, He’s trying to transform us from the bottom to the top. An understanding of Grace and Truth will put us in a place of full cooperation with His efforts and prevent us from leaning too far one way or the other.

Download Gospel To The Poor 1 (41 Parts | 807 Mb)

Download Gospel To The Poor 2 (41 Parts | 981 Mb)

Download Hope (31 Parts | 432 Mb)

Download Lack (26 Parts | 527 Mb)

Download Living By Faith 1 (37 Parts | 609 Mb)

Download Living By Faith 2 (33 Parts | 635 Mb)

Download Master’s Message (30 Parts | 435 Mb)

Download Meditation (39 Parts | 939 Mb)

Download Mentorship (21 Parts | 290 Mb)

Download Providence (18 Parts | 484 Mb)

Download Psuchemorphosis (12 Parts | 220 Mb)

Download Revelation of The Cross (39 Parts | 887 Mb)

Download Rhematherapy (15 Parts | 272 Mb)

Download Rut, Rot or Revival (15 Parts | 268 Mb)

Download Spiritual Gifting (14 Parts | 210 Mb)

Download The Big Dog (24 Parts | 564 Mb)

Download The Centurion Principle (26 Parts | 433 Mb)

Download The Scent of God (3 Parts | 32 Mb)

Download The Sovereignty of God (3 Parts | 38 Mb)

Download The Three Trees (10 Parts | 142 Mb)

Download The Vacuum Principle (3 Parts | 41 Mb)

Download Think Inside The Book (32 Parts | 467 Mb)

Download Touching God (14 Parts | 184 Mb)

Download Trusting God (14 Parts | 179 Mb)

Download Wealth 101 (20 Parts | 281 Mb)

Download Words Create Things (24 Parts | 416 Mb)

Download Zoe Life (12 Parts | 140 Mb)