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Say Yes To God

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Wednesday June 1, 2016 | Jamie Weathers " I said yes and my life was disappointing." Jamie Weathers shares from her heart about her journey of saying yes to God again, teaching us how to deal with any disappointmen...

Its Not Worth It

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Wednesday February 17, 2016 | Jamie Weathers "My destiny is not worth the offense." Jamie Weathers gives a powerful message around the topic of offense, telling us why its just not worth it and what we can do to sh...


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Wednesday December 9, 2015 | Minister Jamie Weathers "God is asking for an investment because he wants to profit not only the ministry but your life." Jamie Weathers speaks to us about the concept of investing, and...

The Need For A Mother And Father

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Sunday October 25, 2015 | Jamie Weathers In this message, Jamie Weathers reveals to us the heartbeat behind a Mother and Father, encouraging us to become more like that.

Make Room In Your Heart

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Thursday September 10, 2015 | Jamie Weathers What does it look like to honor your leaders? Jamie Weathers teaches us that in order to love and honor the leaders in our lives, we must choose to make room for them in...

Spending Time With God

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July 16, 2015 | Minister Jamie Weathers Having trouble spending time with the God? Join us as Jamie delivers a powerful and applicable word on how to spend time with God.

Child-Like Faith

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Thursday May 14, 2015 | Jamie Weathers "The key to the supernatural is having child-like faith." Jamie Weathers delivers to us a great message, reminding us that we are to be like children when it comes to believing.

Cutting Ties With The Enemy

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Thursday March 19, 2015 | Minister Jamie Weathers In this message, Minister Jamie Weathers teaches us the importance of agreements that we make and how to cut ties with the negative agreements that we have made in ...

Intimacy With The Father – 1a

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November 18, 2010 | Minister Jamie Weathers Thursday Evening Service

Intimacy With The Father – 1b

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November 18, 2010 | Minister Jamie Weathers Thursday Evening Service