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What Are You Thinking About

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018 | Minister Joy Gigone Minister Joy challenges us to consider our thought life and to align ourselves with the truth in Philippians 4:8.

Wisdom Like Solomon

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Wednesday September 26, 2018 | Joy Gigone Minister Joy walks uses Proverbs 4 to walk is through the keys to gaining wisdom, like Solomon, for this new year.

The Five P’s

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Sunday August 12, 2018 | Joy Gigone & Pastor Alex MacDonald 'Every decision must be filtered through our identity and our destiny.' Joy and Pastor Alex discuss the five P's of the decision-making process and ho...

Alignment For Abundance

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Wednesday August 1, 2018 | Minister Joy Gigone In our new series of 'Super Abundance', Joy teaches how first our hearts must be aligned with God so we can faithfully steward the abundance He desires to bring to us.

Adventure Is Out There

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Wednesday July 11, 2018 | Minister Joy Gigone 'Walking in love is truly an adventure with God!' Minister Joy teaches foundational truths we need to be successful in walking in love and enjoy it too!

How To Get Results

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Wednesday June 20, 2018 | Minister Joy Gigone How do you believe for something? Minister Joy teaches the six steps on how to believe God for whatever you may need!

Stewarding His Presence

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Wednesday April 18, 2018 | Minister Joy Gigone Minister Joy Gigone walks us through the process of getting into the presence of God.

Stewardship – Part II

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Wednesday March 14, 2018 | Minister Joy Gigone 'What do I need to do today, God?' Minister Joy continues teaching about the importance of stewarding the plan God has for each one of us.


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Wednesday March 7, 2018 | Minister Joy Gigone 'When you know what you have it motivates you to steward it well!' Minister Joy teaches the basics of being a good and faithful steward over the things God has given you.

Mediation Seminar – Part I

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Sunday February 25, 2018 | Minster Joy Gigone Minister Joy teaches the basics of mediation, giving key and tips on how to successfully meditate.


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Wednesday January 10, 2018 | Minister Joy Gigone 'Imagine the things we'll do with a perfect perspective of who God is and who we are in him.' Minister Joy teaches the importance of lining our perspective up with G...

Saying & Seeing

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Sunday May 21, 2017 | Minister Joy Gigone 'Do you see what you're saying?' Minister Joy brings an amazing message on the power of not only saying the truth, but also seeing it and engaging your soul to see that thi...

I’m In Love With You

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Wednesday October 19, 2016 | Minister Joy Gigone In this message, Joy Gigone encourages us how to go to a deeper place in Father God's heart through intimacy.

The Great Confession

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Wednesday July 27, 2016 | Minister Joy Gigone In this message, Joy encourages us how we must begin to step out and speak up whether its in our own lives or to the lives around us.

Its Your Great Year

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Wednesday March 30, 2016 | Minister Joy Gigone "This is a considerable above average year." Minister Joy encourages and reminds us what God wants to do in this year, and challenges us to believe for great things.