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Wednesday September 5, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'Teshuvah is a season of grace and mercy.' Pastor Tina teaches about this season of Teshuvah that we're entering in, giving us wisdom on how to embrace the signif...

Real Love

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Wednesday July 18, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'When we hear and obey, life is released.' As we continue our love series, Pastor Tina ministers to the importance of making the love of God real, and releasing that ...


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Sunday July 15, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'What happens in communion is a spiritual exchange.' Pastor Tina teaches about the reality of communion, which creates power to defeat the enemy.

Holy Of Holies

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Wednesday June 13, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'Our connection to God is of prayer & faith.' Pastor Tina ministers on the necessity of a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy with God.

The Key To Breakthrough

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May 20, 2018 | Pastor Tina Macdonald Pastor Tina teaches us that through intimacy with Jesus we can identify, understand and remove the lies of the enemy and replace them with the truth.

Power Of Consistency

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Sunday February 11, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald As its God's desire to bring blessing, increase, and enlargement this year, Pastor Tina ministers the power found in being consistent!


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Wednesday February 7, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'They that bear the vessels of the Lord must be holy.' As God is releasing a grace to us to be holy, Pastor Tina teaches how holiness is the standard to live by whic...

Eyes Of Expectation

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Wednesday January 31, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'Expectation means there is no room for doubting.' Pastor Tina ministers that we must have eyes of expectation to see past any traditions, and embrace all that God...

You Matter 2018

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Sunday January 28, 2018 | The MacDonald Family 'When each part does it part, the whole body is healthy, growing, and full of love.' Eph 4:16. As we celebrate our annual 'You Matter' service, The MacDonald's ministe...

Be Encouraged

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Sunday December 10, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'He won't let you down.' Pastor Tina ministers the encouraging truth that God is always with us, and to not give up hope as breakthrough is right around the corner!

Removing ‘Impossible’

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Sunday November 19, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'Impossible is not in God's dictionary.' Pastor Tina ministers an amazing message, encouraging us that we can trust in God in the midst of impossible.

Leaving The Wilderness

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Sunday October 29, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald The key to leaving the wilderness and entering the promise land has everything to do with our mindsets. Pastor Tina ministers that as we line our thoughts and beliefs...

A Strong Close

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Wednesday September 6, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'He who began a good work in us will bring it to a strong close.' Pastor Tina brings a revitalizing as she ministers a recap of the year and the things God has be...

Faith For Supernatural Healing – Part IV

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Wednesday July 26, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald Pastor Tina finishes this amazing series on 'Faith For Supernatural Healing', teaching on how we must continually fed on the Word so we can receive the revelation and...

Setting Your Gaze On Heaven

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Sunday July 16, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'Faith brings our hopes into reality.' Pastor Tina teaches on the importance of setting our gaze upon heaven and bringing our reality into alignment with God.

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