Q: Why can I skip ahead to any point on some videos but not on others?

A: The media on LifeLiftingChurch.com is a collection that started in 2008 and was originally only available on VictoryInternational.ca. As technology and our understanding of that technology has grown, we’ve added many exciting features along the way. Being able to seek through a video to any point was a feature added in 2013. In mid 2013 we also started creating HD media. Simply put, videos that fill the video window full are fully seekable and videos that do not fully fit the video window are not as they use older technology.

Q: Why can’t I “like” a video?

A: To like a video, you must first register on the site. Registration is free, easy and only takes a few moments to create a user profile!

Q: How does the site’s search engine work?

A: Our search engine returns results from video tags and words found in the video description boxes. For the best results, we recommend searching using single words, names and/or short phrases as searches will only return exact results. As LifeLiftingChurch.com grows, the search will continue to get better and better!