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Child-Like Faith

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Thursday May 14, 2015 | Jamie Weathers "The key to the supernatural is having child-like faith." Jamie Weathers delivers to us a great message, reminding us that we are to be like children when it comes to believing.

Faith In The Meantime

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Thursday May 7, 2015 | Pastor Alex MacDonald In this message, Pastor Alex MacDonald reminds us that in the meantime of waiting, we need to focus on what God is doing in the spirit, not in the natural.

The Basics

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Sunday May 3, 2015 | Dr. Jim Kaseman "Be strong in God and his word." In this message, Dr. Jim Kaseman presents a classic and simple message to us, reminding us of the very basic things of Christianity.

An Overflowing God

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Thursday April 30, 2015 | Pastor Alex MacDonald "God is a God of excess." Pastor Alex MacDonald gives us a powerful message about how the character of God is over the top, over flowing and abundant and that his des...

Faith Has No Plan B

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Sunday April 26, 2015 | Pastor Jessica MacDonald "God doesn't work with plan b's.'' In this message, Pastor Jessica MacDonald teaches that God doesn't us want to have a plan b, but to just take his word and believe...

I’ve Got That Joy

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Thursday April 23, 2015 | Caleb Campbell " I can't live in faith until I learn to live in joy." In this message Caleb Campbell teaches us on the importance of joy, and how essential it is in your Christian walk.

Ready For Battle

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Sunday April 19, 2015 | Pastor Alex MacDonald In this message, Pastor Alex MacDonald encourages to be ready and strong in The Lord, remembering to put our 'armor' on being prepared before we go into battle.


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Thursday April 9, 2015 | Pastor Elizabeth MacDonald Pastor Elizabeth MacDonald challenges us in a quarterly checkup, that in ourselves we would make sure that we are totally ready to receive the promises of the yea...


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Thursday March 26, 2015 | Pastor Tina MacDonald Pastor Tina MacDonald preaches a riveting and life transforming message on the importance of patience when walking out the faith life.

Cutting Ties With The Enemy

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Thursday March 19, 2015 | Minister Jamie Weathers In this message, Minister Jamie Weathers teaches us the importance of agreements that we make and how to cut ties with the negative agreements that we have made in ...

Spiritual Pestacides

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Thursday March 12, 2015 | Pastor Alex MacDonald In this timely message, Pastor Alex MacDonald shows to us that as we're entering the "spring" season in the spirit, we are to be aware of the "spiritual bugs" that wo...

Absolute Power Of Inevitable – 3

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Sunday March 8, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald In this powerful message, Pastor Iain MacDonald teaches further on the concept of Inevitable and how its a journey. Learning its a process taking the limits and bounds o...

Absolute Power Of Inevitable

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Sunday February 8, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald "Inevitable is the only thing that can beat impossible." In this powerful message, Pastor Iain MacDonald delivers how we are to become a people who are fully persuade...

Leaving Your Wilderness

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Sunday February 1, 2015 | Pastor Alex MacDonald "God's desire was for us to go from promise to promise land!" In this message, Pastor Alex MacDonald gives us six steps to leave the wilderness behind and to live in ...

Pursuit Of Faith

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January 15, 2015 | Pastor Alex MacDonald "I need to know, confidently, that God is on my side." Pastor Alex MacDonald teaches on the concept that once we know who we are, and whose we are, and that God is always on...