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Wednesday September 5, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'Teshuvah is a season of grace and mercy.' Pastor Tina teaches about this season of Teshuvah that we're entering in, giving us wisdom on how to embrace the signif...

Enjoying The Journey

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Wednesday November 22, 2017 | Pastor Alex MacDonald How do you discover and find enjoyment in everything you're going through. Pastor Alex teaches a phenomenal message on the keys to enjoying every part of life.

A Strong Close

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Wednesday September 6, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'He who began a good work in us will bring it to a strong close.' Pastor Tina brings a revitalizing as she ministers a recap of the year and the things God has be...

Press On

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Sunday March 19, 2017 | Pastor Alex MacDonald 'When I press on, it allows me to access the promise Jesus has already attained for me.' Pastor Alex encourages us that choosing to believe God and acting on his word i...

Grace For The Promises

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Wednesday November 2, 2016 | Pastor Tina MacDonald Pastor Tina teaches that as we grow in maturity, God releases grace to access his promises.

Unfailing Grace

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Wednesday September 14, 2016 | Pastor Alex MacDonald

God Is Doing A New Thing Part II

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Wednesday August 31, 2016 | Pastor Alex MacDonald Pastor Alex continues his teaching on Grace, giving us a fresh understanding which leads us into a new encounter with God.

God Is Doing A New Thing

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Wednesday August 24, 2016 | Pastor Alex MacDonald "Grace is Jesus' reward." As Pastor Alex lets the Holy Spirit flow, he teaches about the relationship we have to grace and how we access it.

Its Not Worth It

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Wednesday February 17, 2016 | Jamie Weathers "My destiny is not worth the offense." Jamie Weathers gives a powerful message around the topic of offense, telling us why its just not worth it and what we can do to sh...

Possessed By The Dream

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Sunday July 26, 2015 | Pastor Alex MacDonald Pastor Alex MacDonald shares with us about being possessed by the dream and how we need to stay in faith as we wait for our promise.

Grace Activated By Faith

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Thursday December 18, 2014 | Pastor Alex MacDonald "Grace already did the work, faith calls them into the present." Pastor Alex MacDonald teaches us how grace is the power to see the impossible made possible, but t...

Learning To Believe

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August 24, 2014 | Pastor Alex MacDonald Sunday Morning Service "God's part is grace, our part is faith". In this exciting message, Pastor Alex MacDonald explains that the fruit of our life is a "direct representat...

Grace Vs. Faith

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July 10, 2014 | Pastor Alex MacDonald Friday Evening Service Pastor Alex MacDonald encourages us to "respond" to the free gift of grace (God's portion) that God has given us by faith (our portion).

Tent Meeting – 2a (2013)

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July, 28, 2013 | Pastor Iain MacDonald

Tent Meeting – 2b (2013)

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July, 28, 2013 | Pastor Iain MacDonald