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Emotional Healing

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Friday, November 16, 2018 | Minister Katie Luse Katie Luse walks us through the four steps of emotional healing.

The God of Compassion

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Thursday, November 15, 2018 | Minister Katie Luse Katie shares of her journey through personal loss of a loved one and how she chose to lean into our God of compassion to heal her heart.

The Wonder of You

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018 | Dr. Julia Thorpe 'The internal environment we create affects everything.'  Dr. Thorpe teaches on God's design and plans for our perfect health through a scientific lens.

Like Father Like Son

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Sunday June 17, 2018 | Pastor Alex MacDonald As we celebrate Father's Day, Pastor Alex shares a message on how we must let go of the past and look towards our perfect heavenly Father.

Becoming The Vengeance Of God

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Sunday April 8, 2018 | Dr. Mike Hutchings Guest speaker, Dr. Mike Hutchings, shares a powerful message on understanding being broken, and when we go to God with an open heart, He always desires to heal us.

Healing The Orphan Mindset

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Friday November 3, 2017 - PM Session | Trisha Frost Trisha Frost guides us through the antidote of the orphan mindset and invites us to live a life fully alive.

Faith For Supernatural Healing – Part IV

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Wednesday July 26, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald Pastor Tina finishes this amazing series on 'Faith For Supernatural Healing', teaching on how we must continually fed on the Word so we can receive the revelation and...

Faith For Supernatural Healing – Part III

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Wednesday July 19, 2017 | Dr. Julia Thorpe As we continue our series on 'Faith For Supernatural Healing', Dr. Julia ministers such an encouraging message on healing, giving personal testimonies, and teaching the im...

Setting Your Gaze On Heaven

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Sunday July 16, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'Faith brings our hopes into reality.' Pastor Tina teaches on the importance of setting our gaze upon heaven and bringing our reality into alignment with God.

Faith For Supernatural Healing – Part Two

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Wednesday July 12, 2017 | Pastor Tina MacDonald Looking to increase your faith for healing? Pastor Tina encourages us that above all, emotions and circumstances, when yo u stand on the truth of God and sow his word...

Faith For Supernatural Healing – Part One

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Wednesday July 5, 2017 | Pastor Tina MaDonald Pastor Tina ministers faith for healing, teaching that God wants to reveal areas of thinking that need to be realigned with His truth so we can be well and walk in heal...

Healing Broken Hearts

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Sunday November 20, 2016 | Dr. Mike Hutchings "The pathway to power comes through brokenness." Dr. Mike Hutchings from Global Awakening Ministries joins us, bringing amazing insight for healing from trauma and brok...

Healing Service

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Wednesday January 27, 2016 | Pastor Tina MacDonald Pastor Tina ministers about coming back to our first love as we continue our week of fasting and prayer.

Living In A Haunted House

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Sunday December 27, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald Pressure if left unattended leads to despair, which leads to hopelessness. Pastor Iain teaches us how to gauge places of pressure in our life and resolve them with t...

The Word Works

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Thursday November 19, 2015 | Pastor Tina MacDonald "A Christian who is in the word of God is unstoppable and unbeatable." Pastor Tina shares with us a powerful message about seeking God with our whole heart and wor...