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The Elephant In The Room

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Wednesday October 3, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'Jesus isn't afraid of the elephant in the room.' Pastor Tina ministers an amazing message about allowing God to help us face difficult situations, which enables us...


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Sunday August 5, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald 'With God all things are possible.' Pastor Iain teaches an amazing message on becoming a transcendent person, someone who believes their life is going to look like what...

Perspective Is Everything

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Sunday July 22, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald What we think about in our today can determine so much of our tomorrow. Pastor Iain continues teaching on the importance of getting ahold of our thoughts in order to bre...

Mind Over Mind

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Sunday June 24, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald 'No matter how intense the situation, the word of God will get you past the negative perception.' Pastor Iain teaches a life-changing message on the process of hoping ag...


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May 27, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald "What we're learning as we are going through is 'how do we live victoriously through this journey?'" Pastor Iain teaches how faith and hope work together to get the blessing of ...

Fighting For Faith

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May 23, 2018 | Pastor Alex MacDonald Pastor Alex talks about how to stand firm against opposition by keeping your eye's on Jesus, which allows our faith to remain strong.

The Master of Your Soul

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May 16, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald 'We have to develop the skill of knowing how to still believe God, still believe His Word, still expect it to come to pass even when the situation seems undeniably, inevitably i...

Established In Hope

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Wednesday May 9, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald How do you hope against hope? Pastor Iain teaches what it means to hope and the process of becoming established in the word of God.

Apostolic Ministry

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Sunday May 6, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald 'The Kingdom of God needs you!' Pastor Iain shares the vision of what Apostolic ministry is, teaching how the process of hope, faith, and love will empower you to do what ...

Blessed Is Blessed

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Sunday April 15, 2018 | Pastor Alex MacDonald Pastor Alex MacDonald explains how our perspective of our circumstances will affect the blessing of Abraham.

The Blessing Of Abraham – Part VI

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Wednesday April 11, 2018  | Pastor Iain MacDonald Pastor Iain continues to walk us through the process of what it looks like to hope against hope and step into the blessing of Abraham.

Eyes Of Expectation

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Wednesday January 31, 2018 | Pastor Tina MacDonald 'Expectation means there is no room for doubting.' Pastor Tina ministers that we must have eyes of expectation to see past any traditions, and embrace all that God...


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Wednesday January 24, 2018 | Pastor Alex MacDonald As God is helping us reset our hearts in this season, Pastor Alex teaches what we need to do change our hearts and continue to keep focus on God!

The Day Of Small Beginnings

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Wednesday January 3, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald As we step into 2018, Pastor Iain ministers God's desire for us is to expand beyond what we feel or think is possible, teaching us the key to doing so is keeping ou...

Doubt Not – Part I

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Wednesday April 26, 2017 | Pastor Iain MacDonald "If you have faith and doubt not..." Matthew 21:21. What is doubt and how to we get rid of it? Pastor Iain teaches a phenomenal message on the importance of understa...