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The Father-Son Order

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Sunday October 7, 2018 | Dr. Mark Kauffman 'Apostolic inheritance always flows from Father to Son.' Special guest minister, Dr. Mark Kauffman brings a power-packed message about this coming season of the 'Apostolic...

Apostolic Ministry

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Sunday May 6, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald 'The Kingdom of God needs you!' Pastor Iain shares the vision of what Apostolic ministry is, teaching how the process of hope, faith, and love will empower you to do what ...

The Blessing Of Abraham

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Sunday February 25, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald How do you get the blessing of Abraham flowing in your life? Pastor Iain starts a new series, where he teaches the importance of the foundational teachings of Jesus ...

Kingdom Culture Part IV

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Sunday August 20, 2017 | Pastor Iain MacDonald 'To know what to think - more importantly TO think.' Pastor Iain continues his series on the main abilities that a Christian needs to have in order to prosper in the K...

Kingdom Culture – Part II

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Sunday July 23, 2017 | Pastor Iain MacDonald Pastor Iain continues teaching an amazing message on how essential it is to learn to control your thoughts & emotions to live a successful Kingdom life God has plann...

Kingdom Culture

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Sunday July 9, 2017 | Pastor Iain MacDonald 'Its the seedbed for the Kingdom to actually function.' Pastor Iain shares what are the essential personal abilities are that will empower us to live a successful Kingdom...

The Kingdom Age

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Sunday June 4, 2017 | Dr. Mark Kauffman 'We're the generation that will rejoice in our portion, we will possess the double...' Guest Minister, Dr. Mark Kauffman, brings an encouraging message of the new season Vict...

You Matter 2017

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Sunday January 22, 2017 | Pastor Iain  MacDonald Join our annual 'you matter' service as we celebrate the workers of the ministry, and as Pastor Iain discusses us how to make kingdom choices.

Taking Back Your Choices

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Sunday November 6, 2016 | Pastor Iain MacDonald "When you change what you believe, you can change everything." Pastor Iain shares on the Kingdom of God, giving us insight about the foundation that Jesus built for us.

Release The Peace

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Wednesday December 23, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald "Release your peace" Jesus said to his disciples. Pastor Iain continues teaching on The Kingdom, sharing with us that we are to be people who are able release our...

The Kingdom Within

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Wednesday December 16, 2015 | Apostle Iain MacDonald "The Kingdom is within you." Apostle Iain continues teaching about The Kingdom of God, sharing how its not an outward expression but its righteousness, peace and...

Demonstrating The Kingdom

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Wednesday December 2, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald Pastor Iain talks to us about walking in the Kingdom of God and how fear can not be a component.

Back To The Foundation

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Sunday November 22, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald Pastor Iain gives an extraordinary message, teaching us the Kingdom of God, and how the foundation of the New Testament is in believing.

The Kingdom Of God Is Near

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Sunday November 8, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald Pastor Iain provokes the body to re-evaluate the message of Christianity in a Pagan world. Will we be the type of people to stop our religious talk and instead build ...

Lets Get Loud

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Sunday September 27, 2015 | Pastor Iain MacDonald In this evangelistic message, Pastor Iain MacDonald encourages us to get loud for Jesus for the Kingdom of God is at hand.