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Cultivating The Soil

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Sunday November 4, 2018 | Pastor Alex MacDonald Pastor Alex teaches on The Word of God that is infallible, therefore we have to look at ourselves (the soil that the seed is planted into) and our readiness to receiv...

Our Right to Miracles

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Sunday October 28, 2018 | Pastor Alex MacDonald Pastor Alex posses the question; 'Can I believe the word more than I believe in my situation?'  And explains the process of avoiding bad soil and holding on to the pr...

The Blessing Of Abraham – Part III

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Sunday March 11, 2018 | Pastor Iain MacDonald 'Abraham got it by faith, you'll get it by faith.' Pastor Iain continues to teach on the foundational process of how we become those who live in the fullness of the ble...

Mark 4 In Reverse

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Wednesday April 19, 2017 | Pastor Alex MacDonald How do I combat negative thoughts and lies from growing in my heart? Pastor Alex teaches how we can use Mark 4 as an example of how the enemy keeps truth from our he...

The Law Of Faith – 2

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Sunday December 11, 2016 | Pastor Iain MacDonald 'Nothing in this natural world can resist the power of faith.' Pastor Iain continues teaching on the law of faith, and how the seeds we sow will not be hidden.