February 9, 2014 | Pastor Elizabeth MacDonald
Sunday Morning Service

Freshly back from her missions trip to Brazil, Pastor Elizabeth MacDonald shares some of the experiences she encountered while away, and gives great insight into how the love of God should flow freely through our lives in all that we do.

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  • TonyJohnson 5 years ago

    Went from living life unruly to Living Life like Bernoulli.
    When I think of the future I get excited because there will be a day when I will finally have a testimony of God’s Love, how it possessed me, caused me to live an extraordinary life, and how blessed I am to ever have stumbled across such an amazing ministry known as Victory of Fort Erie. The dedicated family that started this ministry has been the primary example for shaping my understanding of what Love actually looks like. The Love they express towards people and each other is the evidence that what they stand for, and what they believe, is real and has real power. I dare anybody to go to Fort Erie, visit this ministry and try to tell me otherwise. I model my life after them and I want to be just like them because when I look at them: I see what a real(Godly) husband looks like, I know how a real(Godly) wife conducts herself, I’ve seen the children who have reverential respect and complete trust for there parents , and I’ve seen how a Godly, Love inhabited, family supports each other. And I want that. So for anybody who says “What is the world coming to?” or “There’s no hope for humanity.”, go to Fort Erie and visit Victory because you will be inspired to Live Life… differently.